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Davey Verhaeghe was born in 1982 in Oudenaarde and lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. As a kid he was passionately involved in the graffiti subculture that hit Belgium hard in the middle of the 90ies. Davey enrolled in a number of art schools where he gathered loads of impressions and experiences.


Davey Verhaeghe always dreamed about being close to the people. He wants the possibility to confront the people with their emotions in an environment that is all about diversity. Everything revolves around communication and interaction, evolving and coherence. This makes us stronger and stimulates the mind in our daily lives. Man needs communication in all things or a true experience remains impossible.


At present Davey Verhaeghe is fully into abstract, non-figurative art with little philosophy but loads of emotion. This is mostly reflected in his geometric abstract work wit its characteristic chaotic horizontal lines, rectangles and triangles.


Abstract is a feeling for Davey, a concept that needs to be framed, where you need to distance yourself from reality. It can reveal fundamental values that are pulled out of reality.


Davey Verhaeghe paints on canvas as well as on cardboard, from smaller formats to bigger walls. His style is at once abstract and out of the box.


Till now he never lost faith working with those spray cans.