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PURE at |BS|

"Our music is different from what all the others play". In need of something different? Then PURE at |BS| BlackSmoke in Antwerp is the place for you. Take a seat at our bar, order a delicious cocktail and listen to the art of music.

WAXX & Dr.Flow

Mood selectors WAXX & Dr. Flow ensure there is a stimulating and eclectic atmosphere. Take up the challenge and take a seat at the bar near the DJ Booth. Start up a conversation and tell us what you think, feel and what comes to mind when listening to our music.


A pure conversation about giving, taking and receiving the art of music where the barriers between DJ and public are very low and where the intense encounter between both parties is paramount. They serve the whole package in Jazz, Grooves, Disco, Soul, Funk and the Electronic music. You name it!

For the love of music

If you can find a dj duo that is closer to the essence of true music, you can wrap them up and send them over.They have been in it for years and dare to be different.Take a seat at the bar in front of our booth. We would love to tell you more about the music we’re spinning. See you at the end of the month on Saturday’s.